When Playing Card Games and Drinking


There are often card games with drinking because the two go hand in hand. They are social ways to enjoy people’s company and just unwind.

There are a few points to remember though when combining card games with drinking. For one, make sure that people are not getting too drunk. The games can get out of hand if a person has to drink very frequently.

The friends should make sure that the person just has a single serving of alcohol in all of their cups. It is best if this is a mix drink cocktail, a beer, or a glass of wine. This means that all the people playing the game are on an equal playing field. This is very important when the games make a person drink frequently. And one sip should be the punishment, not one entire serving of alcohol.

Have fun when combining card games with drinking. But always make sure it is just an innocent way to enjoy one serving of alcohol together, and not an occasion where people end up with alcohol poisoning.